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Ben Harper
8/2/98  Horde Festival, SPAC, Saratoga, NY

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2/20/98 Baldwin Amphitheater, Maui, HI


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2/21/98 Baldwin Amphitheater, Maui, HI


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8/20/98 Molson Centre, Montreal, Canada


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9/19/98  Constitution Hall, Washington D.C.

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5/10/00  Mt Baker Theater, Bellingham, WA

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Me, Mike McCready & Ryan Bowman before the show.

Jeff Ament came out an talked to us for a while. There were too many people around to ask for a picture. He signed some stuff for us.  I had nothing to sign but Ryan had a backpack full of stuff and let me have his 'Go' single. Thanks Ryan!

Jeff.jpg (17330 bytes) 

I was interviewed by some dude before the show. It ended up on SONICNET.  Everyone seems to have paid a lot for that ticket :-(

My friend Jess wrote a story about the picture. Read it HERE !

Security would not let my camera inside so I only got outside photos.

mtbaker1.jpg (111631 bytes)            mtbaker2.jpg (152266 bytes)     

However, Ryan got a disposable inside and here are his pictures from his seat right next to mine in the 4th row.

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8/24/00 Jones Beach, NYC

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8/25/00 Jones Beach, NYC

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Soundboard setlist

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8/27/00 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, NY

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Ed's Setlist

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PORCH  !! 

During 'Porch' Ed walked toward me.  I reached out my right hand and he grabbed it and let me pull him in the crowd.  He held my hand the entire time and I have no idea how my camera ended up in my left hand. I took most of these one-handed. Not only was this awesome it was amazing I was able to take pictures of it.  I have no idea how I did it !! 1...2...3...4...

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Here is a picture taken by Lizzie from

sideview.jpg (28626 bytes)

Read a small mention of the events in the Concert Chronology at 5h HERE

and the rest from the second encore.....

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8/29/00 Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA

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